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The Future: Earth is uninhabitable. A drug called Minkowskium allowed humankind to traverse through wormholes. We crossed the vast distances of space and fled to the stars, where mega-corporations are the only law left.

At the far end of the interstellar highway system lies the Kobeni Belt, a piss-poor sector with few resources. The only thing this hive of scum and villainy ever offered was its local gangs’ social media streams. 

Today, the only thing more valuable than Minkowskium is being the Kobeni Belt's next Social Media Superstar. And there is plenty of opportunity for the aspiring Jockey to deliver the Belt's best feed. Mega-corps are relaunching minor assaults, while the colonies send out concert invitations. The Gater cult is getting stranger and stranger, and rumors whisper of an artificial intelligence armada at the edge of the system. 

The world's been burning since the galaxy's been turning—the only question is: will you become the next Social Media Superstar, or go down in the flames of glory!?

Aces in Space: Firebrands is an anthology game accompanying the Fate RPG of the same fame. It's based on the Firebrands Framework by Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker. AiS:Firebrands is comprised of 13 mini-games: Newsfeed, Previously On, Flashback, Dogfight, Chopper Duel, Trench Run, Beatdown, Flamewar, Tetherball, Dance Off, Spa-Day, Intimate Moment and Gramstar.

3-6 players. 2-5 hours per session.  

This game is completeThe current version is 1.0! There may be a future Kickstarter for a print run, if there is enough interest.  For updates follow @heckmueller  on twitter.

I would love to hear about the stories you tell with this game. You can send stories and feedback to heckmueller [at] me . com. 


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Is there a version with single pages instead of spreads? The game is perfectly readable, but I prefer single pages on my device. 

Not yet, but I‘ll look into it!